Being an NBA referee requires the ability to make the right call at the right time. The best call I ever made was to JMP Physical Therapy & Personal Fitness. They have been able to keep me in top physical condition for my entire NBA career.

-Bill Spooner
NBA Referee #22

Watching Tim work with others, especially those with knee issues, is hugely interesting and even entertaining. He waggles his hips as he demonstrates the inward turn taken by the upper leg when we run or walk. "Work the transverse plane!" "Trust your knee!" Tim gets engaged and gives instructions based on the heart of what he is trying to achieve. The idea is to strengthen, increase flexibility, and train the proprioceptive elements to "know" how to stabilize a knee that has been injured- or as in my case, is losing ground.

The best part about JMP Physical Therapy & Personal Fitness is the upbeat atmosphere. People are getting better. Tim creates a customized routine for each person, and he updates it as the ability to do more arrives. My knee exercises overlapped somewhat with what others were doing, but they were specially aimed at addressing my problem. "Do lots of the exercises that feel good; do less of what doesn't feel good". Since I was accustomed to the "no pain, no gain" idea, this steady, patient approach was a little foreign. Tim said it simply takes time for the joint to "calm down". After he taught me the physical reasons for attaining full extension (something about a lock and key by which the tibia turns only when at full extension and allows certain muscles to engage) my main problem when I started PT- it was easy to do the work to get there. I spent a weekend extending my knee on a coffee table. By Monday, I had some soreness but I was able to walk with what felt like a normal gait. The appropriate muscles could now fire when called upon to do so. From there everything seemed to move forward as if propelled by a tailwind.

Tim has a gift. When the medical people were skeptical and downcast, Tim took on the problem of returning my knee to good function. He was optimistic; and, I in turn, was optimistic. I believe he may have saved my knee. I feel gratitude every time I ride my bike and feel the rush of power going through my knee to the pedals. Many, many thanks.

-Lyn Lemaire
Winner, Women’s Division, 1979 Ironman Race
Kona, Hawaii

I have been a patient of JMP Physical Therapy & Personal Fitness for over 12 years. I have found them to be the best physical therapy group for my needs. Their entire staff is very knowledgeable and competent. More importantly, they always greet me with a smile and make me feel welcome. This is not as easy task when you consider most of us go there when we are in pain. They are kind of like family, only better.

-Randy Epstein

When my doctor first sent me to JMP Physical Therapy & Personal Fitness, I could barely walk because of severe back pain. After only a few treatments I could walk again without pain. Debbie and all of the therapists are excellent. They evaluate you and then re-evaluate you as you progress. I saw people come in who were even worse off than me go out with a smile on their face. Both my surgeon and I are very impressed at my outcome, and I would recommend them to anyone.

-Yoletta L.

I can't tell you how grateful I am to this P.T. clinic. I spent five years at the gym, thinking that they would be able to help me with my MS, but they did nothing for me. I eventually decided to try physical therapy, and boy did I make the right choice! They have equipment you can't find at the gym, and more importantly the therapists have the in-depth specialization training to treat your specific handicap or disease. I also feel that they really care for you, unlike the "personal trainers" at the gym. I felt welcome before I even arrived. They have healed my physical wounds, as well as my mental and emotional wounds. I can't believe what I can do! After all, when your neurologist moves your MRI back months because you have improved so much and says she wants you taking physical therapy forever, then you know you are going for P.T. at the "best in CA"!

The bottom line is that I feel 100% better, and I can face my disease better now, because the JMP Physical Therapy & Personal Fitness team was there for me.

-Aileen Choate