JMP Physical Therapy (Agoura Hills) is owned and operated by MPE Physical Therapy.

About Us

Not Just Any Physical Therapy

Many providers talk about personalized service. At JMP Physical Therapy & Personal Fitness, personalized service is a mantra we’ve lived by every day for 30 years. It’s what sets us apart from the many other choices you may find when looking for comprehensive Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation services.

At JMP Physical Therapy & Personal Fitness, we know that creating a treatment plan that’s specific to each patient’s needs is the surest way to get positive results in the shortest possible period of time. That’s why we combine the use of the most technically advanced equipment with the individualized attention of our staff to craft treatment plans to suit the specific needs of each patient.

Owned By Therapists

JMP Physical Therapy & Personal Fitness is owned and operated by Physical Therapists. We boast a dynamic practice that is fueled by hands on experience and continuing education that makes each of our Therapists experts in orthopedic rehabilitation. Our Therapists’ focus is on restoring function and mobility while increasing flexibility, strength and balance. At JMP Physical Therapy & Personal Fitness, physical therapy is active and participatory, with overall fitness being the ultimate objective.

What’s Functional Rehab?

One of the hallmarks of JMP Physical Therapy & Personal Fitness’ services is our dedication to Functional Rehabilitation. Functional Rehab, in the simplest of terms, strives to increase the overall function of an area of the body by utilizing therapeutic activities that mimic activities you find yourself doing in everyday life. Through the Gray Institute’s Applied Functional Science principles, Functional Rehab is used extensively to treat athletes and non-athletes whose injuries interfere with the completion of everyday tasks.

Striving for Excellence

We are also part of PTPN (Physical Therapy Provider Network), the largest specialty preferred provider organization in the country. As a PTPN member we are required to meet higher standards of practice. Mandatory annual clinical inspections and medical chart audits ensure the best quality of care.